Tuesday Q&A with Frank

AUGUST 15 -- Frank is taking your questions live tonight on Facebook. Frank's committed to answering questions you have about his plan for Albany. The accessibility, openness, and honesty Frank continues to show won't stop when the campaign is over. It will continue when he is Mayor of our city!

Frank also introduces the latest (non-human) member of his campaign team.

Fact Checking Millionaire Mayor Sheehan's TV Ads

AUGUST 8 -- We know you have been seeing the incumbent mayor all over TV. Slick television ads are easy to afford when you're a multimillionaire. Good thing you can't put a price on truth. Tonight, Frank will fact check the claims being made. 

And, as always, Frank will be taking your questions live.

Taking your Questions About Labor Issues in the City of Albany

JULY 31 -- Recorded live to Facebook, Frank takes your questions live to discuss the issues facing the City of Albany.  Let us know what’s on your mind, and how Albany can do better.

Thursday Q&A with Frank

JULY 27 -- This evening Frank is taking your qustions live - let us know what’s on your mind, and how Albany can do better.

On September 12th 2017 - Vote for Safer Streets in Albany

JULY 25 -- In our inaugural Facebook Live video, Frank discusses the surge in violent street crimes in the City of Albany this year, and his plans to help solve issues facing city residents. He also fields a few questions from the viewers watching live.

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