A Real Plan, Not Empty Rhetoric

In 2013 our current citywide elected officials campaigned on a promise to manage city finances responsibly. But since then, property taxes, fees, fines and debt have all increased. Take property taxes, they’re up 5.7 percent over the last four years. Fees? Renters are being charged $15 per month for trash pickup and families are being charged $17 a day for their children to participate in summer recreation camps and clinics. Fines? The city is now using photographers a day ahead of trash collection routes, with the specific purpose of fining homeowners $143.69 for putting their trash out too early. Debt? Albany’s credit rating was downgraded with a negative outlook just last year.

It does not need to be this way. We can stabilize Albany’s finances. Through the implementation of a salary cap on top-level managers, a Commisso Administration will demonstrate a commitment to real shared sacrifice. A real hiring freeze and workforce succession plan will save millions annually without the threat of layoffs. An audit of SUNY Poly will finally resolve whether private businesses can be sheltered from property taxation simply by locating within a public research institution. And a tax incentive for the rehabilitation of abandoned buildings will promote growth within our neighborhoods.

The majority of our city elected officials have already had their opportunity to implement their agenda for Albany and they have failed. Council Member Frank Commisso Jr. has a plan to stabilize Albany’s finances and grow Albany’s economy as mayor. And he’s being honest about that plan. With your support, Frank will bring the change that Albany needs, and is ready to be held accountable for the results.

Frank Commisso